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CEO & Founder
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Since Iron Horse Games was founded, the focus has been on providing value to the Developer.

The premise of Iron Horse Games is simple: not every game requires or needs the services of a big publisher. Mike Gordon created Iron Horse Games to work directly with small and medium sized developers. The company's goals are to help developers get the attention of mobile platforms and to improve their games as a business. 


Iron Horse Games is named after Lou Gehrig, a famous baseball player nicknamed The Iron Horse because of his ability to play the game everyday, sick, hurt, or healthy. He was also the first major athlete to be diagnosed with ALS, a fatal neurological disorder that afflicts hundreds of thousands of people every year. In 2016, Mike's mother-in-law, Leslie Garson, passed away from ALS. Her courage, grace, and strength fighting against such a terrifying disease gave Mike the courage to start Iron Horse Games. His hope is that he can be 1/10th as brave as she was and 1/10th as hard working. 



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